Years in Business:

Since 1994



Favorite Waste:

Various types of Hazardous waste, caloric value is a plus


capacity 100.000 ton/year

Waste to Energy

transformed to energy for 30.000 households!

Waste management

controlled by municipality

Hazardous wastes can have a very long life, and it is seldom pleasant to come across them again. A safe method of protecting the environment in the long term is the controlled, high-temperature incineration of these wastes. Harmful substances are destroyed, and only a small proportion of the original volume is left over in the form of slag and fly ash.

This German incineration company is one of the first companies to specialize in this method of waste disposal. As the first high-temperature incineration facility in Europe, it has pioneered the ecologically compatible disposal of industrial waste since 1972 - long before legal regulation came into effect.

The facilities operates a centre for disposal at their site containing of

          hazardous waste incineration plant

          chemical-physical treatment plant

          separation plant for oil-in-water mixtures

          temporary store for waste

The policy makes a principle of environmental protection, safety of the plant, as well as the maintenance of industrial health and safety standards on the premises. The environmental and quality standards are still considered the industry's benchmark. The company is fully certified according to ISO 14001 and 9001:2000 and OHSAS 18001.

So it is with a clear conscience that clients can place the responsibility for the safe disposal of their waste into these hands!


Welcome to Milieu Environment

ME will see to it that the waste of the clients finds its way to ISO certified companies specialized in Immobilization, Incineration and Recycling.

Please explore this website to get some more information about the expertise of these outstanding companies.

ME is certified by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (NIWO) and works according to Minamata Convention and Basel Convention.

Milieu Environment

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